Delivery management system

Delivery management system

Our delivery management system is here to help you with your product deliveries. It will help you to get your delivery system running. You don’t need to take any hassle to manage your products. You will be able to manage all the details of your delivery system very easily.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Online delivery management
  • Individual merchant account
  • Payment management
  • Dashboard statistics
  • Delivery processing
  • Batch invoice generate
  • Contact and billing information
  • Business History
  • Mobile responsive

HRMS (Human Resource Management)

When selecting HR management software (HRMS), you’ll want to consider several key elements: Does its user interface (UI) offer an intuitive experience? Does the tool tie into your legacy software packages? Can it scale as your company grows? Does the vendor offer the kind of service you’ll need should the software fail at any point? Once you’ve determined your requirements and preferences, you’ll be able to approach any of these vendors with a wish list. Test the solutions that meet your needs and choose the one that fits your ideal combination of price and utility.How your company manages HR can be highly individual, but there are certain key capabilities and features you should look for in any solution to make sure your pick can grow and change along with your organisation’s needs.

  • Applicant tracking, which includes the ability to manage job postings, applications, and even on boarding of new employees
  • Benefits administration, which is critical for most HR operations and what HRMS software makers offer here can vary from simply managing employee enrolment all the way to offering specific benefit plans to customers
  • Scheduling and Shift Planning, which are often dedicated tools though the capability can show up as part of larger HRMS platforms or those that focus on businesses where this capability is important
  • Performance management, which might be the ability to simply keep a record of employee goals or it can track goals down to the task level and tie success directly and automatically to compensation and payroll
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Human Resource Management


Our BOWP (Blood Organ Web Portal) is here to help you to maintain all the information pertaining to blood and organ donors. It is designed to be very user friendly and u won’t find any hassle to use it. It can help to collect blood and organs from many donors from various sources and distribute that blood to needy people who require blood and organs. It can also manage list of donors who are eligible for donation on a particular date with contact number. The application is designed in such a manner that it can suit the needs of all the blood bank requirements in the course of future.

  • User friendly.
  • Provides the searching facilities based on various factors. Such as blood donors, different blood groups details etc.
  • Users can search for blood by location and blood group.
  • Users can search for organs by keywords.
  • Manages the information of donors.
  • Users can request for blood and organs.
  • Users can post their own events on the application.
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